The human capital in the surrounding environment

Steel is an endless resource

The steel is “naturally” sustainable. In fact, it is among the most recycled materials in the world. It is 100% recyclable and is “permanent”, meaning it does not lose its original properties despite being recycled several times.

And Italy (source: Federacciai) ranks first in Europe in terms of recycling volumes of ferrous scrap.

It is with this in mind that the company operates, both with regard to raw materials and its human capital, aiming to reduce polluting emissions and to guarantee its staff a stimulating, high-quality and human-sized work environment.

Also, in this regard the 400 KW photovoltaic system was placed on the roof of the new building. The latest generation plant capable of saving 518 tons/year of C02 equal to about 200 tons of coal saved per year or 28,000 trees.The system also powers up to 8 fast charging columns for electric vehicles. The same are located in the company car park reserved for employees.

Paying maximum attention to the safety and health of its collaborators is the commitment that Tecnica Tre carries out today and which translates into a series of state-of-the-art plant solutions that provide for the use of modern air recycling systems through VMC in the offices (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) with cooling and heating by heat pump with heat exchanger.

The brightness of the rooms guaranteed by shed roofs and the most modern lighting systems guarantee operators a healthy working environment. Furthermore, the bulk of the handling of goods is carried out on conveyor belts and the automatic lines for strapping and filming the packages reduce the risk of accidents. Last but not least is the Traslo automatic warehouse, which allows picking activities to take place without the operator moving, directly in the picking bay.