“The warehouse, at the disposal of our commercial team, is our big beating heart”

Some numbers that allow you to clearly frame the operating standards of Tecnica Tre:

  • fittings warehouse 6,500 pallet spaces;
  • flanges warehouse 3,900 pallet places;
  • pipes warehouse 2.400 pipe bundle places;
  • mini-load warehouse (small fittings managed with automated machines): 28,800 boxes with multi-reference, i.e. more items per box;
  • packaging: automatic strapping and filming at 30 pallets per hour.

In 2021 alone, the company carried out 33,000 shipments worldwide, for a total of 8,500 tons of stainless steel shipped and 290,000 total pickings.

The level of automation and efficiency of the Tecnica Tre warehouse, thanks to WMS and barcode, allows the simultaneous preparation of 24 customers/orders, ensuring the complete traceability of batches and castings of all the items handled.

Tecnica Tre warehouse with flanges, fittings, and stainless steel tubes
Tecnica Tre stainless steel flange warehouse
Tecnica Tre fittings warehouse
Tecnica Tre warehouse
Tecnica Tre stainless steel tube warehouse
Tecnica Tre stainless steel tube warehouse