General sales conditions

General sales conditions


The following general terms and conditions govern all contracts between TECNICA TRE S.R.L., with its registered office in Via L.Perosi, 56 36022 CASSOLA (VI) – VAT CODE IT02523320246, and the Buyer. All these conditions will be apply although contrasting sales conditions, additional or contrary, contained in any purchase order or other written comunication from the Buyer and addressed to TECNICA TRE S.R.L. These conditions replace all previous General Conditions of Sale and the invalidity of a single clause of these conditions will not result in the invalidity of the remaining clauses or of these General Conditions as a whole. Any exceptions to these General Conditions must necessarily be confirmed in writing by TECNICA TRE S.R.L.


The sending of the order implies full knowledge and full acceptance of all the subsequent Conditions. All orders must be received in writing by e-mail or fax and are valid only after a written order confirmation sent by TECNICA TRE S.R.L. to the Buyer. The sending of the order by the Buyer does not in any way commit the TECNICA TRE S.R.L. even partial delivery of the order. TECNICA TRE S.R.L. also reserves the right to ask for further clarifications before accepting the order or rejecting it.


Prices do not include VAT and those contained in the last price list sent are valid unless otherwise communicated by order confirmation. The methods and terms of payment are those indicated in the order confirmation or invoice and are binding for the Buyer. Under no circumstances the Buyer can suspend, delay or reduce the payment. In case of non-payment or partial balance, the Buyer will be considered in default without the need of formal notice and the legal interest for late payment will be applicable pursuant to articles 2 letter e), 4 and 5 of Legislative Decree no. 231 of 09/10/2002. TECNICA TRE S.R.L. furthermore has the right of ownership of the goods until all the amounts relating to the price of the goods and of the additional costs are fully paid. Our Company finally may suspend the execution of orders if the Buyer has not regularly fulfilled the expired payments. Any advance payments received will be retained by TECNICA TRE S.R.L. as compensation in the case of termination of the contract for non-fulfillment of the Buyer.


The Buyer acknowledges and accepts that the delivery dates indicated in the order are indicative, non-binding and are intended for unforeseen circumstances and force majeure. In the event that the delivery becomes impossible or particularly burdensome, TECNIA TRE S.R.L. reserves the right to cancel the order without the Buyer being able to make a claim for damages. Furthermore, the delivery date indicated at the time of order confirmation refers to the moment of readiness of the goods for collection at our warehouse. If the Buyer needs specific delivery terms, these must be previously agreed with our Sales Department and must be expressly confirmed in writing in the order confirmation. Our Company, where not specified, will send the material through its own couriers agreed with costs then charged on the invoice. The goods travel in any case at the risk of the customer (FCA Bassano del Grappa as required by the Incoterms 2010).


The cost of 3.1 certificates provided by us is € 3,00 for each delivery note unless otherwise indicated in our order confirmation. The certificate of the manufacturer instead, if available and requested in advance during the order, has a cost of € 3.00 per position.


Any disputes due to irregularities or shortages will be accepted no later than 8 days from the receipt of goods. These disputes do not entitle the Buyer to suspend or delay payment in the terms indicated. Furthermore it will not be accepted any returns of merchandise unless previously agreed with our Management, that will charge 20% of the amount of the returned goods as reimbursment of management and storage costs, unless otherwise specified in the authorization of return. It should be noted that, even in the presence of different agreements with the customer, the returns of goods cannot, in any case, exceed 120 days after the delivery.


In the invoice our Company will charge € 18,00 for each case and € 12,00 for each pallet used. 


The minimum amount for each order is €100,00; in case of orders with smaller amounts our Company will charge €10,00 as operating costs. The minimum billable amount is €100,00 (considered as the cost of goods only, excluding VAT, packaging, transport and similar costs); in case of invoices with smaller amounts we will charge € 15,00 as operating costs. For this last cost it is possible to request the advance payment in order to avoid the charge for the administration costs related to the minimum billable.


For any controversy the only competent is the place of law in Vicenza, Italy. ny translations of these conditions are to be understood as mere courtesy and do not exceed the Italian version. Finally, for anything not provided for in these conditions, the sales relationship between TECNICA TRE S.R.L. and the Buyer are governed by Italian law.


All the casted flanges ASTM A351 are suitable only for ordinar uses and not for mechanical machining. The flanges with reduced thickness don't fulfit the requirements of the standard with reference to the rating pressures PN 6 / PN 10 / PN 16.The lenght of SMLS pipes is variable between 5.2 mt and 5.8 mt.