Ethical code

“We believe in the constant growth of each of our projects: we have always believed in it a lot. But the real 'secret' is being surrounded by people of value. People who help to make the right decisions and the right investments. They are the people who bring ideas to life. Companies alone are not enough”.

(Cristian e Denis Scotton, founders of Tecnica Tre)


Since 1996 Tecnica Tre has been the reference partner for Italian and foreign companies for the production and marketing of stainless-steel pipes, flanges, fittings and screws.

The consolidated know-how acquired over the years and the high production flexibility allow Tecnica Tre to guarantee its customers customized products that can also be personalized on design. The continuous search for quality and compliance with the most current regulatory standards also allow the company to position itself as a privileged interlocutor in terms of production, service and distribution.

However, one of the foundations that accompany the company's journey every day, from its beginnings to today, is also the attention to the most solid principles of safety in the workplace. And, last but not least, the attention to the well-being of the people who work and live here every day. Because, for Tecnica Tre, the pillars of the company are precisely the women and men who invest their professionalism, their passion and their commitment in this great project every day.

In compliance with these principles but also to establish in the present and for the near future the guidelines of a work that has never succumbed to the lure of quantity to the detriment of product and process quality. And not only that, the founders Cristian and Denis Scotton have decided to give life to the Ethical Code of Tecnica Tre, a document that wants to confirm the commitment and responsibility that the company has always assumed both within its own organization and outside of it towards the people who compose it and towards all those who work and live around it.


Tecnica Tre is a company where transparency, fairness, observance of the laws and, last but not least, the deep respect for people are essential strengths. This business ethics finds its maximum expression in its own modus operandi, marked by rules, timing, relationships that support and strengthen its results.

From the first contact with the customer to the order, from preparation time to shipment, from assistance to after-sales customer care, all the personnel and the different operational levels of Tecnica Tre are distinguished by a constant interweaving of skills and professionalism, for the unanimous efficiency of the various processing stages, for the rigorous protection of the sensitive data of its customers and privacy in respect of each actor in the supply chain.

Tecnica Tre guarantees the respect and adherence to the principles of this Ethical Code by its staff towards all stakeholders and undertakes the task of monitoring its compliance, assuming responsibility for any discordant behavior.


In every type of human organization, from the public and social community to structured professional realities of any size, in which different figures with different positions and functions converge, people's roles and behaviors must be regulated and governed by values that over time, if powered, strengthen and improve bonds but, if not renewed, can weaken them. This is a very clear objective in the Tecnica Tre world, which has a total of about fifty employees and collaborators.

Here everything revolves around principles and balances that aim to ensure, in the first place, ease of access to equal resources and opportunities beyond gender, listening to the other, understanding each other's needs, clarity of purpose and sharing of objectives. These values are constantly renewed by the company's top management and by all the interpreters and make this great team very close-knit and, therefore, winning.

Precisely for this reason, the search for new professionals to be integrated into the workforce is also always open: not only because the driving force of the company looks rigorously ahead, but also because the management is firmly convinced that new and young resources are precious opportunities to be seized for everyone.

Resourcefulness and freshness are undoubtedly key requirements in the selection of personnel, even before experience, to favor the absence of schematism and the lightness that allow you to learn and qualify in line with your respective propensities.

For the company, another plus in which to continue investing is firmly anchored to the combination of “training-updating”. A real “passepartout” that allows entry and appropriate recognition within Tecnica Tre. It takes at least a year for a person to be considered fully inserted in the company team and in possession of the correct know-how. But it is precisely this meticulous attention even in this phase that allows Tecnica Tre, today more than ever, to offer a high-level service that is always in line with the contemporary needs of the client.


A sincere sense of belonging is widespread in this solid and well-structured organization, also fostered by a corporate welfare policy that is very oriented towards retaining and gratifying its employees.

The well-being of the workers in Tecnica Tre passes, therefore, also through the creation of welcoming and comfortable common spaces (such as the new canteen, conceived as a meeting place) and very large and bright offices, designed to welcome and offer all user positivity and serenity during the entire working day.

In every environment, from the administrative and commercial offices to the warehouse, there are present also state-of-the-art technologies and equipment capable of guaranteeing the purification and proper healthiness of the air, as well as temperature and humidity control at always optimal levels.

Great attention is also paid to the work phases most at risk for employee integrity. For example, there are conveyor belts and bridge cranes that enter the field to avoid excessive and dangerous physical efforts on the part of the workers.

Comfort inside the company, but also outside. In fact, some electric car charging towers have been activated outside the building, available to all employees, in anticipation (and with the hope) that over time “zero emission” vehicles will become more and more widespread.


Also, thanks to the intense and punctual training, qualification and professional updating activities, the professionals of Tecnica Tre are precious points of reference that Italian and foreign clients can contact at any time.

Satisfying the client is the “must” of Tecnica Tre and all the company's players pursue this mission with conviction, both in the case of standardized requests and in the face of more particular needs such as customized productions.

The sales office staff is prepared to accompany customers even in the elaboration of complex offers such as those which, for example, must respond to the more specific procedures of public tenders.

Employees and collaborators are committed to collaborating with the clients in order to achieve the best possible degree of satisfaction in each order, informing them clearly and comprehensively also on the provisions concerning the Anti-Corruption Code which Tecnica Tre has chosen to adhere to, undertaking to report crimes and / or irregularities of which it has become aware during an employment relationship.

The client is therefore a partner at whose service, but also together with whom, the company works to achieve successful results. Without fear of competition, because even competitors are a necessary stimulus to face new and stimulating challenges.


The commitment to enhance human resources also passes through the investment in all those tools and technologies that allow the person to get out of the concept of repetitiveness, now obsolete, and of the manual skills typical of the work of the factories of the past, to enter the more advanced automation modalities according to the requirements of Industry 4.0.

In the spotlight are all the benefits of the interconnection and interoperability of machines, the integration of data and information, the implementation of the Internet of Things but also, and above all, a better and more satisfactory redistribution of human roles and related duties.

In this perspective and as a true and modern “smart factory”, Tecnica Tre once again favors the centrality of the human factor which, if strongly connected to artificial intelligence, can reveal extraordinary potential based on the growth and development of ever new and more advanced competencies.

It is thanks to this “human” strategy that the company today responds to the varied and diversified demand of the global market, ensuring production and service flexibility with the utmost speed and certified quality.


The social responsibility of a company is also reflected in the awareness of the impact that its actions have on the territory, on the communities in which it is inserted, on all users of its products. This is why Tecnica Tre has always maintained its far-sighted vision, according to which every action, even the smallest and only apparently insignificant, conceals a consequence. And it is around this consequence that we must “play” in advance.

Hence the significant effort made to document uncompromising product and process quality. Because only targeted and strict control procedures and certification of standards, both during the processing phases and in front of the finished product, can represent a reliable certification of safety towards its customers, end users, but also its own employees and collaborators.

Asserting that a product is compliant with the most recent legislative dictates in force in Italy, in the European Community and in non-EU territories, as well as throughout the world, is a plus that Tecnica Tre has immediately adopted and which today sees its work supported by various certifications.

In accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 Tecnica Tre is certified for the marketing of stainless-steel fittings and flanges (IAF 29).

Finally, all products are accompanied by certificates of conformity in accordance with EN 10204 and by the specific reference standards for metal products.

The commitment to an approach that is as green as possible both towards the environment and towards present and future generations who live and will live inside, outside and around the company also fits into all of this.

In fact, a photovoltaic system of more than 400 kW has been completed, whose annual average electricity production can be around 1,100 kWh / kW. A solution that will not only help to reduce the company's paid energy consumption with returns in terms of energy saving. It is in fact, once again, a very far-sighted choice that goes to improve and further strengthen the image of Tecnica Tre as a reality with an eco-friendly approach, ethically sustainable and concretely committed to containing its environmental impact.

Because Tecnica Tre really and always cares about the future.