“From the garage of the house to the first small warehouse, without ever stopping. Overall, we passed through five locations, expanding the spaces needed for the storage of goods as the business expansion required it”

Since the beginning of the business, officially inaugurated on 15th March 1996, Cristian and Denis Scotton put to good use the skills acquired over the previous years, working as employees in local companies in the sector. Following the positive results, they quickly make Tecnica Tre take major leaps forward.

In 1997 the first container was imported and unloaded by hand in the home garage. One year later, in 1998, Tecnica Tre moved to Romano d’Ezzelino. In the same year, the purchase of the first lathe and, immediately after, the hiring of the first employee in the company. The guidelines of the company were outlined: Cristian and Denis Scotton expand the range of products and immediately look beyond national borders with interest.

Since the beginning of the new millennium there are the first major investments of Tecnica Tre in production plants. In fact, the decision to focus its fleet on CNC machines and machining centers that allow you to meet the demands of the European market quickly and effectively, expanding the catalog with products such as flanges and fittings for the food industry, is a decisive factor.

To respond to the new production and storage needs, Tecnica Tre changed headquarters and, in 2002, moved to Pove del Grappa where it built an ad hoc warehouse, in line with its most specific needs. Meanwhile, the Scotton brothers are still looking towards new horizons. The projections become global and, in the middle of the first decade of the 2000s, the company inaugurates the supply of components for the petrochemical and chemical sectors as well.In parallel, the company strategy is diversified to aim, on the one hand, at the strengthening of its own production line, and on the other hand at the direct supply of fittings from markets able to offer a good quality-price ratio, to guarantee a line of solid and continuous growth for the future.

The choice of diversification proves to be in line with the needs of the market. But to accommodate the new developments and the growth trend of the business, in 2011 the need for a larger operational and commercial headquarters becomes a priority. This is how Tecnica Tre inaugurates the Cassola center, a building already designed according to the most modern parameters in terms of efficiency and safety.

Strong signs of growth also followed in the 2012-2014 period. The offer is further expanded, and CLAMP fittings specific for the pharmaceutical industry are included in the Tecnica Tre range, followed, immediately afterwards, by seamless and welded pipes according to ASTM/ASME A/SA312/A999 regulations to complete the offer for the chemical and petrochemical sector package. The latter is a novelty that allows the company to conquer another market share.

In less than five years, the spaces of the Cassola plant are no longer sufficient to accommodate the new numbers of Tecnica Tre, so much so that in 2016 another more capacious structure becomes an absolute requirement.The circle closes in 2022, with the project protagonist of the September inauguration. The new Tecnica Tre headquarters is the synthesis and expression of what is now necessary to fulfill the market demands. Latest generation technologies and automation driven by the 4.0 logic are the masters in the modern Bassano del Grappa facility.

“Investments in technology make us more effective and efficient in meeting market demands, but it is the people with their commitment and enthusiasm that make the company grow day after day.”

People are the real flagship of Tecnica Tre: from the management, firmly headed by the Scotton brothers, to the workers, passing through the team of the technical-commercial office, the purchasing department, the logistics department, the administration department and all the warehouse personnel.

A staff of professionals with proven skills, ready to respond to a constantly evolving market.